Photography of Gardens and Trees

My wife Andrea Jones is a professional garden photographer. ‘The Splendour of the Tree’ is an appropriate name for the book she photographed which won her the title ‘Book Photographer of the Year’ 2014 from her peers in the Garden Media Guild. We both love trees and enjoyed the project immensely which led to a lot of world travel for us both. Andrea’s since been working on her  new website ‘’ . This reflects the collection of tree images to which she is constantly adding and makes them available to buy as fine art prints.

Do take a look

We have also been asked if Andrea’s photographic prints of gardens and plants that are displayed around our Farmhouse are available to buy – the answer is yes!  Here is a little slide show illustrating a variety of the photographs you may have seen on our walls.

Andrea runs garden photography workshops from time to time. Do let me know if you’d like to put you name down for the next one and we’ll keep you posted.

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