Dog Friendly

B&B for Dogs

It's a dog's life at Alton Albany Farm

It’s a dog’s life at Alton Albany Farm

We love welcoming dogs at Alton Albany Farm. We now have three very friendly dogs of our own, Daisy-Mole (a black and tan rescue street mutt from Glasgow) and her pal and close companion Clover-Sausage (a very fine honey coloured long haired pedigree Dachshund princess. Clover-Sausage met Barack last August and delivered five beautiful puppies so we kept one, namely Tansy-Buttons.

We can allow a maximum of two pet dogs per guest room. We do however ask that they are never left alone in your bedroom, as dogs can get extremely anxious if left in unfamiliar surroundings.

If you have working dogs that prefer their independence we can now offer two kennels in our brand new self catering ‘Dog House’ just across the courtyard from our backdoor. Please be aware  is a stone outbuilding and currently with no heating or electric lighting – although we will be installing electricity very soon. Despite that the kennels are built to be cosy and there is plenty of space for even the largest dog to stretch their legs.

There is always a basket of fresh towels by our front door and also a jar of tasty dog treats.

The Farmhouse sits in a foot print of 2 acres so there is plenty of room to roam and we also own the adjoining 4 acre riverside field which (as long as no sheep present) can be used for games and stick throwing.

Dogs come free!  Please bring your own food and bedding for your canine pals.

Please note that we cannot take any responsibility for the care of your animals whilst on our property and we reserve the right to refuse or terminate an offer of accommodation including pets if our guidelines are not accepted or complied with.




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